Best of the TI6 Group Stages

Pure Gold: TI6's Most Memorable Moments

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Alliance vs. EG, Game 1 With Alliance's upper bracket hopes hanging in the balance, they provide fans with one of the most spectacular moments of the group stages, and perhaps one of the most entertaining turnarounds in Dota history. 66 minutes in, with EG looking to close out the game with one final hurrah, we witness the birth of a new meme courtesy of caster David 'LD' Gorman.
Ding Ding Ding!
The Miracle- Worker The 9k MMR savant himself shows off his immense mechanical skill against the rising Filipino team, TNC. Cranking up the APM to near-StarCraft levels, OG's star player unleashes a devastating Invoker combo that utilizes nearly every spell in the hero's arsenal – twice.
Invoker Combo
Classic Zai, Classic Tobi EG's Ludwig 'Zai' Wahlberg saves the wonder boy Sumail from the hands of Wings Gaming with a spectacular IO Relocate. Caster Toby 'Tobiwan' Dawson's reaction to the play may have been the only thing better.
EG Zai
Feel the axe of Axe! Team Liquid's MinD_ContRoL sent fan favorites Na'Vi home with a spectacular performance on his offlane Axe in their do or die lower bracket game. Dunk after dunk crushed the spirits of Dendi, General and Artstyle, who couldn't withstand the onslaught. Despite their rocky start in the group stages, the win over Na'Vi gave Liquid some breathing room as they advanced to the Best of 3 rounds.
Mind_Control Axe
Coming Back (E)Home TheScore eSports offers an in depth analysis of EHOME's CDEC-like TI5 run from the wildcard qualifier to the top of their group, finishing 12-2 record overall. EHOME was sent to the wildcards after losing to fy's Vici Gaming Reborn in the finals of the China regional qualifier last June.
The Secret is (Almost) Out Team Secret finished a disappointing 2-6 on the final day of the group stage, putting their chances at a TI title in doubt for the third year in a row as they were knocked into the lower bracket following a series of surprising losses. GosuGamers takes an in depth look at Secret's collapse against the prestigious Chinese squad, Newbee.
Secret Arteezy
We, the Underdogs TNC, the pride of the Philippines, completed a 2-0 upset against Chinese powerhouse LGD in the second day of the groups – showing everyone that they are indeed a legitimate threat in the tournament. In this game 1 highlight, a short-lived throne race ensued after a game that could only be described as 'insane.'

TNC's win over LGD sent ripples throughout the tournament standings at large, relegating LGD to the lower bracket to face the turbulent Team Secret in a best of 1, do or die match.
TNC Underdogs

From the Depths: /r/dota2

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Just [A] Reminder Redditor /u/Kamael reminds people what happens when Alliance makes it to the upper bracket of The International. Alas, the prophecy didn't come to fruition, with Alliance being knocked out swiftly in 9th-12th place.
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Animated Memery Jerry 'EGM' Lundkvist has officially been inducted into the Dota 2 meme hall of fame with his 4x multicast protecting Alliance's throne against Evil Geniuses' all in push. It's all ogre now.
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Ember Spirit's Lessons: [-]

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Beyond the Habits /r/truedota2 talks about looking at effective play from a different perspective. Redditor Subject1337 suggests making better decisions overall than always sweating the details every game.
True Dota 2
You Surpass the Master is a tool that aggregates recent replays from high tier pub games. The site allows you to filter replays by hero, role, and even the side played.
Dota Mastery